Types of insurance

Insurance and types of insurances

Professional insurance broker Pluss Kindlustusmaakler offers various necessary types of insurances for both private and business clients. Insurance is necessary for protection of people, types of activities and material assets, as well as mitigation of the effects of possible accidents, therefore Pluss Kindlustusmaakler attaches great importance to the insurances we sell and their meeting the set goals, so the insurance contract made with us provided the client with a sense of security.

Insurance companies offer various insurance conditions, but Pluss Kindlustusmaakler will help you find an appropriate insurance suitable just for you and our Insurance Calculator will calculate insurance premium in accordance with your criteria! The Insurance Calculator will help you calculate both the cost of motor insurance and Comprehensive Cover and the cost of insuring your house or planned trip abroad. You can conclude an insurance contract for a short or long period depending on the duration of possible actions and risks.

Pluss Kindlustusmaakler offers the following types of insurance for private clients:

  • Motor insurance – insurance that is mandatory when using the vehicle in road traffic. Read more and sign an insurance contract here
  • Vehicle insurance (CNC insurance) – voluntary vehicle insurance that also compensates for the damage caused by you. Read more and sign an insurance contract here
  • Small vessel insurance – insurance of a vessel with a length not exceeding 24 m, which compensates for damage caused by an accident. Ask for an offer here
  • Home insurance – property insurance, which insures both your residential property and material possessions in it. Read more and sign an insurance contract here
  • Travel insurance – insurance that helps prevent unexpected expenses during travels and providing assistance to mitigate possible consequences. Read more and sign an insurance contract here!
  • Accident insurance – insurance that compensates for the consequences of an accident. Read more and sign an insurance contract here!
  • Animal insurance – insurance that compensates for the costs resulting from the accident involving a pet and the cost of its treatment. Contact us
  • Forest insurance – insurance that indemnifies the property damage related to your forest. Contact us!

Our special Insurance Calculator will help you calculate the amount of insurance premium and would consider the goals and possible risks of your insurance, so that we could offer the best indemnification option.

Pluss Kindlustusmaakler offers the following types of insurance for business clients:

Vehicle insurance

  • Vehicles – motor insurance (compulsory vehicle insurance) and CNC insurance (voluntary vehicle insurance)
  • Marine transport
  • Railway transport
  • Aircraft insurance

Property insurance

  • Buildings, constructions, equipment, installations, warehouses, warehoused goods, auxiliary equipment and other possible property.
  • Business interruption insurance


  • Medical expenses insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Travel insurance

Construction and erection risk insurance (CAR/EAR), cargo insurance, liability insurance

  • Liability for damages caused to third persons (general third party liability, professional liability, manufacturer’s liability, employer’s liability, management liability, environment pollution risk liability).
  • Carrier’s liability, freight forwarder’s liability, warehouse owner’s liability or liability for rolling stock).

Insurance of financial risks and entrepreneurship

  • Credit insurance
  • Guarantee insurance (including guarantee insurance of a customs broker, a warehouse and a principal)
  • Loan insurance (credit insurance) and insurance of other financial risks
  • Insurance of management’s errors and omissions that have caused unforeseen expenses and/or damages
  • Insurance of political risks of international treaties

Agriculture insurance

  • Crop insurance
  • Forest insurance

If you couldn’t find insurance suitable for you in our list of types of insurances, our insurance broker will be glad to help you find the right solution! Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Insurance and types of insurances