Cargo insurance

Goods-in-transit insurance

Thousands of goods are transported via the streets and highways, by air and sea every day. Since both the shippers and consignees want transport to arrive at its destination intact, the safety of the cargo during transportation is becoming more of an issue. It is not always possible to prevent probable dangers, which may damage the cargo. But it is possible to insure yourself against the potential unexpected damage!

What does cargo insurance insure against?

Cargo insurance helps repair the damage caused to the goods in the case of:

  • robbery;
  • fire;
  • traffic accident;
  • vandalism;
  • natural disaster.

You can insure both from all and chosen risks.

Cargo insurance contract can be signed by the owner or legal holder of the goods, as well as the person directly linked to the cargo transportation.

Cargo insurance applies only to vehicles, which comply with the applicable technical requirements for cargo transportation. In case of cargo insurance, you can enter into an insurance contract for single freight traffic or a long-term insurance contract for multiple freight traffic activities.

In addition, you can conclude a separate liability insurance contract for carrier and forwarder!

Carrier liability insurance
In the case of the conclusion of the carrier liability insurance contract, the latter assumes

responsibility, which is regulated by:

  • The CMR Convention (international traffic) or
  • The Law of Obligations Act (provisions regarding the trucking contracts, domestic carriages in Estonia)

Carrier liability insurance indemnifies for damage caused to third parties resulting from the loss of or damage to the goods carried. In addition, losses caused by the goods to third parties and similar damage shall be indemnified.