Comprehensive Cover (CNC insurance) is voluntary vehicle insurance.

Comprehensive Cover or simply CNC insurance is voluntary vehicle insurance, which can be effected in addition to mandatory motor insurance. A CNC insurance contract will allow you to minimise the damage that may occur during the operation of your vehicle, including the damage caused by you! CNC insurance, its risks and the amount and cost of insurance coverage can be evaluated using CNC insurance calculator.
Additional risks

What does CNC insurance insure against?

So, mandatory motor insurance helps you insure your liability to third parties and shall compensate for the damage caused by your vehicle to others in case of an accident, and Comprehensive Cover (commonly known as CNC insurance) shall reimburse the damage incurred by your car even if you are to blame for the incident. CNC insurance is useful even if no guilty party can be determined in a road accident - in this case, the damage incurred by your vehicle shall still be reimbursed. CNC insurance also insures you against malicious acts, including compensation for the damage caused to your vehicle due to vandalism, theft, hijacking or robbery. In addition, CNC insurance compensates for damage caused by natural disasters, including damage caused to your vehicle by fire, flood and other natural disasters, as well as animals run on the road in front of your vehicle.

Additional features of CNC insurance

CNC insurance offers additional opportunities to insure the following types of damage: ­ - cost of a new vehicle; in the case of the destruction of the vehicle up to one year of age CNC insurance shall reimburse the initial acquisition cost of the car; ­ - damage by the vehicle glass; CNC insurance shall cover damage sustained by glasses of your vehicle, including the costs of repair or replacement of vehicle glasses; ­ - break in service (possibility of car replacement); CNC insurance shall reimburse the costs of car replacement during repairs of your vehicle after an accident; ­ - insurance of accessories; CNC insurance also insures damage caused to the box, roof rack or bike bracket installed on your vehicle. ­ - emergency aid – CNC insurance shall reimburse the costs of the necessary emergency assistance in the event of the vehicle breakage.

Comprehensive Cover packages and calculators

Pluss Kindlustusmaakler offers three packages of insurance coverage for vehicle insurance: Mini CNC, partial CNC and super CNC insurance. CNC calculator will help you choose the package that's suitable for you and calculate its value. When calculating insurance rates, Comprehensive Insurance Calculator (CNC Calculator) considers: the type and model of the vehicle; the age of the vehicle; the power of the vehicle's engine; the availability of additional security systems; the extent of risks, including the field of operation of the vehicle; desire to insure additional risks. Unlike ordinary motor insurance, CNC Calculator does not take into account the risk coefficient of the vehicle's driver. CNC Calculator will help you find the package where the scope of insurance coverage and number of insured risks correspond to your needs and expectations. Our consultants will help you acquire a suitable CNC insurance contract!