Accident insurance

Why do you need accident insurance?

None of us is fully protected from possible accidents and injuries, but accident insurance provides us with the ability to protect ourselves from additional costs associated with accidents.

A temporary injury or disability, a permanent disability or death in the worst case – all these situations lead to unexpected expenses. Insurance indemnification paid after an accident will provide the financial confidence both for you and your loved ones.

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What is covered by accident insurance?

  • Temporary disability indemnity (daily benefits) is insurance indemnification paid in the event of a temporary loss of ability to work by the insured person for a period of more than 8 days due to an accident;
  • Disability indemnity is insurance indemnification paid in the event of permanent mental or physical incapacities of the insured person, which developed as a result of an accident;
  • Death indemnity is a set insurance amount paid to beneficiaries in case of death caused by an accident;
  • Medical Expense Reimbursement reimburses reasonable medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident and not reimbursed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund;
  • Insurance benefit is indemnification paid to an insured person in case of injury, which is temporary in nature.

How much does accident insurance cost?

Premium is formed depending on the chosen insurance types and amount of indemnifications, calendar duration, as well as job position and daily habits of the insured person. To receive a specific insurance offer, please contact our consultants!