Travel insurance

Why do you need travel insurance?

Although travel insurance cannot prevent unexpected situations, it provides financial compensation and assistance in overcoming their effects. Travel insurance is required to increase the sense of security and confidence during a trip abroad and protect against possible unforeseen extra costs. Travel insurance and selection of the appropriate insurance package depend on the objectives and duration of your trip, as well as your personal needs. Travel insurance can be arranged for a specific period or for an entire year, if you travel abroad often. All our clients are provided with an opportunity to compile the appropriate type of travel insurance, which will consider the possible risks and needs.
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Travel insurance
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What does travel insurance include?

You can compile the insurance package that is suitable just for you depending on what kind of travel insurance option meets your needs, trip objectives and possible risks. Travel insurance may include all or only some of the following types of insurance.

Travel insurance may include the following types of insurance:

Medical insurance – an integral part of the travel insurance that covers emergency medical assistance and evacuation costs, including the expenses incurred by the insured person in relation to the ambulance service, hospitalisation and treatment, as well as the cost of pharmaceuticals and the cost of returning patients to their homelands.

Luggage insurance – covers expenses related to the delay, damage or loss of your baggage during the trip.

Trip cancellation insurance – reimburses additional costs caused by the cancellation or interruption of the trip, as well as getting late for the flight or transit flight.

Accident insurance – helps to recover the costs of long-term treatment required as a result of an accident that occurred in a foreign country and provides financial assistance in the case of a temporary or permanent disability.

Legal expenses insurance – useful in situations where you might suddenly require a lawyer's assistance to resolve civil claims during your trip.

Liability insurance – helps you compensate for the damage caused to third parties as a result of an accident during your trip.

We will help you compile an insurance package suitable just for you, in order for travel insurance to save you from unnecessary worries during the trip. Please ask our consultants for a personal offer! Phone: 6 829 780